Member benefits

  • Meet members of the local community.
  • Take part in fun events.
  • Provide a variety of events reflecting the diversity of the hamlets.
  • Cross generational range of events.
  • Promote community and the local environment.

Join us

Membership Subscription runs from 1st April to 31st March each year. Membership is open to residents and past residents of the hamlets of Copsale, Maplehurst, Monks Gate, Sedgwick and Nuthurst whose postcode is one of the following: RH13 6JB, RH13 6JD, RH13 6LG, RH13 6LH, RH13 6LJ, RH13 6LL, RH13 6LN, RH13 6QE, RH13 6QG, RH13 6QJ, RH13 6QN, RH13 6QQ, RH13 6QR, RH13 6QS, RH13 6QT, RH13 6QU, RH13 6QW, RH13 6QX, RH13 6QY, RH13 6RB, RH13 6RD, RH13 6RE, RH13 6RG, RH13 6RN, RH13 6RS, RH13 7DL, RH13 8DG, RH13 9BB.