You should complete the Membership Form and Standing Order forms located on the Membership page and send them to Sarah Jephcott – Membership Secretary. Her details are on the Membership Form.

If you live in Monks Gate, Nuthurst, Maplehurst, Copsale or Sedgwick you should be eligible.

Postcodes included in the defined area are:

RH13 6JB, RH13 6JD, RH13 6LG, RH13 6LH, RH13 6LJ, RH13 6LL, RH13 6LN, RH13 6QE, RH13 6QG, RH13 6QG, RH13 6QJ, RH13 6QJ, RH13 6QN, RH13 6QQ, RH13 6QR, RH13 6QS, RH13 6QT, RH13 6QT, RH13 6QU, RH13 6QW, RH13 6QW, RH13 6QX, RH13 6QY, RHl3 6RB, RH13 6RD, RHl3 6RE, RH13 6RG, RH13 6RN, RH13 6RS, RH13 7DL, RHl3 8DG, RH13 9BB.

We have a mixture of member only events, which we charge an appropriate amount to attend, and others, which are free. Some events are open to non-members who generally pay a slightly higher admission price.  We aim to provide events which are affordable and fun.

We organize the annual Tea Party for those people in the community who are aged 60 and over.

Your membership fee goes towards helping to organize reasonably priced social and cultural events and helping to maintain the rural conservation of the area. Occasionally we donate proceeds from events to local charities which benefit the community.  Being a member of the Nuthurst Society gives you the ability to participate in members only events we organise.

Nuthurst Society events are organised by the Committee but we also have a number of members who regularly help out, particularly at the big events. If you would like to volunteer please click here to contact us.

Any other questions?