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The Nuthurst Society was founded in 1973 in order to help forge links between the hamlets of Monks Gate, Nuthurst, Maplehurst and Copsale.  Together with Sedgwick, these hamlets form the more rural part of the Parish of Nuthurst, hence the name – Nuthurst Society.

At the inaugural meeting of the Society, attended by 60 people, it was agreed that the Society should be non-political, non-sectarian and that there should be no age limits.  It was also agreed that the Aims of the Society were to promote community spirit within the area, to organize social and cultural activities and to maintain the rural conservation of the area.

The late Major Huxford, whose hobby was heraldry, designed the society’s emblem in heraldic style. The original hangs in the White Horse pub at Maplehurst.

It is a non-profit making organisation and surplus monies have been invested in community projects such as local notice boards.  Monies are sometimes donated to local charities such as Heartbeat (locally based defibrillators) and St Andrew’s School Playground. Any resident or past resident of the area may be a member upon payment of a small annual subscription.

We communicate with our membership through email, posters on Noticeboards throughout the hamlets and in the 2 local pubs The White Horse and The Black Horse, Facebook, Twitter and a monthly report posted in the parish magazine LINK.  The website  also provides a valuable form of communication.

The Nuthurst Society is run and governed by a Committee who meet once a month to plan events, review finances and membership. 

Committee Members

Sarah TurnerChair
Sarah has been a resident of Maplehurst since 2011, having previously lived in Los Angeles, California for 13 years working as an Executive in the film industry. She is now on the Board of 2 charities. She joined the Nuthurst Society Committee in 2015 as Secretary and assumed the position of Chair in May 2016.
Fiona WhiteVice Chair
Fiona has lived in Nuthurst since 2007. She worked in advertising and within the outdoor leisure industry. She has been a committee member for 3 years and assumed the position of Vice Chair in 2015.
Sarah JephcottMembership Secretary
Sarah moved to the area from Earls Court in 2008. She continues her work as a General Practitioner based in Putney. She was appointed Membership Secretary of the Nuthurst Society in April 2014.
Caroline SouthSecretary
Caroline has been a resident of Maplehurst since 2015, moving here from Surrey. She is the mother of four children and her previous careers have included Diamond Valuer, Estate Agent and Personal Assistant.
Julie RennieTreasurer
Julie and her family have lived in the area on and off for almost 20 years. Firstly in Maplehurst, and now Copsale. She has spent almost 12 years of that time living abroad in Houston, Texas and Stavanger, Norway. Julie has been the Treasurer for the last 3 years.
Deirdre LytheMarketing
Deirdre has lived in Maplehurst for 11 years having previously lived in London, Steyning and Lewes.  Her background is in media sales and she is currently responsible for the marketing of her partner’s company.  When not working she loves walking her dog locally and introducing her extended family’s children to the joys of the countryside.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown has been a resident in the parish since 2010 and has connection going back over 15 years. He and Katie were married in St Andrews Church Nuthurst and their 3 children all attend St Andrews School Nuthurst. Richard works in Property after over 10 years of running his own business in Brighton and Hove. Richard is also active in other parts of the local community and is on the committee of 2 other local societies. Richard has been a member of the Nuthurst Society for 7 years and on the committee for 2 years.
Pete Finan
Pete and his family moved to Nuthurst from Boston, US in 2012. He joined the Nuthurst Society Committee in Spring 2016 and looks after the website.
Trevor Garson
Trevor has been a resident of Maplehurst for 9 years but has long standing family links to the area. He is a Chartered Financial Planner and a big rugby fan.  He joined the committee in May 2016.
Liz Butterfield
My family moved to Maplehurst in 2006 and joined the Nuthurst Society the same year after receiving our welcome pack. We have enjoyed so many events and quickly integrated into the neighbourhood by meeting people and getting involved. I have been a committee member for over 5 years – responsible for publicity via the Link magazine and keeping our posters updated on the notice boards around our hamlets. My husband has also been on the committee as Vice Chair a few years ago. We have two daughters, two dogs and one cat who all share our love of the beautiful countryside around us.
Michelle Anthoney
Michelle moved to Maplehurst with her family in 2011.  She helps to run her husband’s building company.  A keen gardener and baker she joined the Nuthurst Society Committee in Spring 2016.

The Nuthurst Society Committee would like to thank Tom Mattock for help in designing and building the website and Ian McBean for photographs.

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